What to expect getting our first tattoo.......

As tattoo artists and people who have visible tattoos we always get asked about the tattoo process. Especially when it is a person's first time in the chair. Everyone and I mean everyone gets a little nervous with the thought of getting their first tattoo. It is a big deal. You have made the choice to permanently mark your body with beautiful art! Let me tell you, it is never what you expected...........

Now I know you want to know, is it painful, how long will it last, ect. It all depends on the design of the tattoo. You can go big and not feel a thing or go small and feel like the artist may be tattooing your soul. Pain tolerance varies from person to person. What I can say is that the pain or lack of pain for some, the feeling of a tattoo is hard to describe.

Take your time to figure out your design and trust the artist and their input. Your artist has been doing this for a long time and wants what is best for you so that you and them will have a long lasting client- tattooer relationship. If you are a walk-in be aware that sometimes the tattoo artist will not be able to take you that day because they need time to draw your piece or they may have a big appointment that day and it would be a disservice you and the artist if they tried to squeeze you in. In that case make an appointment and set a deposit to ensure the artist you will be coming in that date you set.

Tips for your first tattoo:

  • Arrive early if you have an appointment. Not only does it give you ample time to fill out paper work, check out the design the artist has for you, and give you time to relax.

  • Don't forget your ID. Almost every shop is going to have you fill out paper work for insurance reasons (in case you were wondering) so we need your ID.

  • Eat something before you come in. It will help with your blood sugar levels.Don't drink the night before and have a good night’s sleep.

  • Check with the tattoo shops policy on bringing a friend for support, sometimes studios may not allow more than one person because the studio is smaller.

  • NEVER come in drunk or under the influence of any drug. If you are taking prescription medication let your tattoo artist know.

  • Have fun and relax.

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