How to make your appointment 101

I think that we may have covered these questions in the FAQ's but we just wanted to clarify the process to anyone who is new to the shop or is getting their first tattoo. How do you make an appointment.........

First get a good idea of what you want or if you don't know and want the artist to have artistic freedom then let the artist know. COMMUNICATION is key. Let them know what your vision of that tattoo is and speak up. Don't be shy. The artist wants what is best for you and what will best fit for your placement and design idea.

If you have an artist in mind:

Then once you have an idea or you want to let the artist decide the artistic direction contact the artist. This can be done various ways. We suggest FB personal pages to be the last option only because alot of the times if you are not friends with the artist, FB sends the messages to the “Other” folder. And many artists may not use FB or check it during the course of a day. I think the first way to best contact them is through email or call the shop. Let them know you want an awesome new tattoo! The artist will tell you whether they would like a schedule a consultation prior or if they just want you to schedule for the day of as sometimes the artist will free hand the artwork on you.After that, set a deposit. A deposit lets the artist knows you are serious about the time and date. It also is placed in the books and time is set aside for your tattoo appointment that day. Deposits go towards the cost of the tattoo. Our deposit policy is on our site.

If you don’t have an artist in mind:

Email, call, or stop in the shop. Let us know what style you wanted. Realism, Traditional, Watercolor, New school, Ect…….. The counter managers are here to help you find the artist that will best suit your tattoo idea. After that they will set a consultation with the artist and the date.

The Consultation:

Once here at the consult the artist will discuss your ideas and have you set a deposit and date. You may gather references. This helps the artist gauge what artistic direction you may have in mind. Artists at IHTE, will not copy other tattoo artist work. (Other than flash like Sailor Jerry) Now once you guys brainstorm on the ideas the deposit and date will be placed. The deposit is $50 min but may vary on the size of the piece and can be placed with a credit/debt card or cash. We will give you your receipt and the artist contact info. And you are done!

Now that is all......... It's easy. We promise. We are all here to make sure you as the client have an amazing experience at Idle Hands Tattoo Emporium!

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