Thank you for referring to our policies. We try to make our policies and rules so that we can ensure you as a client and all our clients that we will give everyone a safe and happy experience. As well as for the saftey of our clients, future clients, and artist. If you have a question about any policy please feel free to call or email us reguarding them. 



Idle Hands Tattoo Emporium Management

Shop Policies


  • If you are coming to get tattooed for the first time you MUST have a state issued ID, Passport, Milatary ID, Residence card, or other form of goverment issued pictured ID. School IDs and any other form of ID that is not the issued ID will not be accepted. (Paper copies will not be accepted)


  • No Children are allowed


  • Please no solicting. Unless you're coming here with Girl Scout cookies, than we may make the execption. Maybe, who are we kidding we are all fools for Mint Thins.


  • Please do not come in under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You will be asked to leave. 


  • We do not  pierce or tattoo minors, we don't do UV light tattoos, we don't do tattoo parties. 

  • We have the right to refuse service.



Permanent Cosmetic FAQs

If you still have unanswered questions after reading the FAQ'S, don't worry our staff here will be more than happy to answer any question you may have.If you have a question that you think would benefit our FAQ section please feel free to share it with us. We would love to hear from you on how to improve and better answer yours and everyone's questions and concerns. No question is a dumb question, only the one you don't ask.

What are Permanent Cosmetics?

Permanent Cosmetic tattoos (permanent makeup, dermapigmentation, micropigmentation) is a tattoo technique which implants cosmetic tattoo pigment while reproducing the appearance of make up or enhancing physical features such as fuller lips or more defined eyebrows.


Permanent cosmetic tattoo as in all tattoo procedures is implanted on the first few layers of the epidermis with a tattoo machine. The artist uses cosmetic tattoo pigment that best matches the skin, under tones, and the color that is desired. At first the color may appear darker or a different tone then that of the healed tattoo.

Does it hurt?

It depends on your tolerance for pain, the location, and can vary.. It’s not unbearable. We suggest getting a good night’s sleep the night before, having a hardy meal an hour before your appointment time, and bringing a Gatorade or some type of a juice for during the process to keep your blood sugar up.

Why is the cost much more than a regular tattoo?

We do recieve this question often. My initial response is that first the materials used and pigmenent are much more costly than that of a regular tattoo. And my follow up response is that you do have to consider that when you pay whatever cost for any service be a tattoo, haircut, plastic surgery, ect are also paying for the years of experience and artistry the provider has. 


We always advise clients to be wary on "price shopping" rather than" portfolio shopping." SInce this is such a delicate procedure being on your face you want to make sure you are picking the correct cosmetic tattooer for you. I see more often than none women who did pay less previously and then come in to get a tattoo reworked.  

Why have permanent cosmetics done if I can purchase make-up for less?

Everyone has a reason why they want to get a certain procedure done. Some women like to have a polished look that will save them time in the morning. Other women want to enhance a feature they may or may not love and improve it. 


But I like to always break down the best reason to get permanent cosmetics.......You save money. 


So the cosmetic industry is a billion dollar industry. And the reason is it has repeat customers. Eyeliner. Brow pencil or powder. Lipstick. If not all three than at least one of those things are a staple if you have have given thought to Permanent Make-up. 


Now a good brow powder can range between $12-$15. That doesnt include the brush which can cost $12-$20. Brow powders can last about 3-4 months before hitting the pan and having to buy a new one if you are a daily user. Now that does not include primer, concealer, and waxing and or threading you might get on a monthly basis. So to break it down below.......


Eyebrow Powder $15 x4 a year= $60

Angled Brush $20

Primer & Concealer $ 40 x2 a year= $80


That is $160 over the course of a year and $640 over the course of 4 years. Not to mention that time that is used to do your brows. But that is a different subject entirely. 







Do I need to shave my eyebrows prior or will you shave them?

I never want to entirely shave your brows off. You are coming in to enhance them and make them more noticeable. I do sugguest that you get them waxed 1 week before or threaded 3 days before your appointment because you will not be able to wax, groom, pluck, or thread your brows for two weeks.

Can I see what I will look like or what it will look like before the procedure?

Yes, of course! I have two methods for this. I can do a digital rendering or use a single use make-up pencil to show you in person. But I always require a approval of the look prior to setting up the tattoo procedure date. 

Can I bring a friend, spouse, or family member.......

Yes, you are welcomed to bring support. But due to the delicate nature of the procedure I do ask that no one under the age of 15 be permitted. 

Can you make my brows black?

It depends on your skin tone. I sometimes advise against going too dark because you might have a change of heart with the shape and color. If we do choose a darker color I will always make sure that the color will work for your skin tone so that it does not change colors over the course of years.

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