Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing

About our Cosmetic Tattoo Artist


Mariana Rosales 

After being a freelance and professional MUA at a well-known beauty industry chain, our permanent cosmetic tattooed started to tour the convention circuit for a couple years doing 2-3 shows a year as a an assistant. Developing a strong passion for all things tattoo and body modification related she then retired her brush belt and decided to pursue a more permanent approach her artistry. Developing her passion and skills in Permanent Cosmetic Artistry was done under her mentor, Erika, a PMUA with 13 yrs under her belt. Even to this day she takes any educational course that comes her way to further her skills and provide the best for the clients at Idle Hands Tattoo Emporium.  Also fluent in Spanish she will be able to assist anyone that may come her way.


Please note: We only use quality cosmetic tattoo pigment approves and used by leading industry professionals. And single use sterilized cartridge needles for each procedure presented to the client at the beginning of each procedure to insure a sense of security.



About Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent Cosmetic tattoos (permanent makeup, dermapigmentation, micropigmentation) is a tattoo technique which implants cosmetic tattoo pigment while reproducing the appearance of make up or enhancing physical features such as fuller lips or more defined eyebrows.



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